Das gemeinsame Ziel des Terrex Mountain Projects ist das Matreier Tauernhaus, ein Alpengasthof in Osttirol. Die älteste Unterkunft in diesem Gebiet liegt zu Füßen das Großvenedigers und ist Ausgangs- oder Endpunkt vieler Skitouren und Wanderungen im Tal. Hier treffen sich alle zehn Teams nach erfolgreicher Tour und können am Abschlussabend in gemütlicher Atmosphäre ihre Bergabenteuer austauschen. Denn es geht nicht darum, wer das Ziel als erster erreicht, sondern um den Spaß, das Team und die gemeinsamen Erlebnisse! Wie ihr das Matreier Tauernhaus erreicht, ist euch überlassen und kann im Team mit Bergführer ganz frei geplant werden. Alle zehn Teams werden einem Startort zugelost, von wo aus das Abenteuer beginnt. Das sind die zehn Startpunkte: Startpunkt Berchtesgaden – weite Strecken warten auf Euch:


Die neue terrex Kollektion unterstützt dich bei all deinen Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Multifunktional und aus hochwertigen Materialien bietet terrex alles für den athletischen Einsatz am Berg und die Kombination von unterschiedlichen Outdoor-Sportarten: run, climb, bike & fly. adidas Outdoor stattet dich für das Terrex Mountain Projekt mit folgenden terrex Teilen für deine Tour aus:

terrex Agravic 3-Layer Jacke Die 186g leichte Drei-Lagen-Jacke bietet maximalen Schutz vor Wind und Wetter und wenn die Sonne scheint, lässt sie sich platzsparend im Rucksack verstauen. Sie ist wasserdicht und extrem strapazierfähige und bereits jetzt eines der beliebtesten Produkte unserer Athleten.

terrex DownBlaze Jacke
Mehr Wärme, weniger Gewicht.
Fear surged through my veins, my muscles tense as coiled springs, ready to explode at the slightest touch, yet relaxing was vital - I desperately fought to slow my breathing and calm my mind. Tenuously clinging to the dead vertical face like one of the many small succulents which covered the wall, obscuring the holds. I was six hundred metres above the ground, with the last bolt out of sight, at least ten metres below my feet, and still unable see anything above. Scenarios flashed through my mind; we had just heard that a member of the only other party to repeat this route had broken his leg during a fall… “
Best not to think… Just concentrate and focus on the next move… You will be fine… One move at a time… Don’t think about anything else!
“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!” The call to prayer echoed across a craggy cirque in the Hajar Mountains. Jakob and I were in Oman to climb at a virtually unknown sport-climbing area near the small village of Hadash.

To say it was scenic here would be a grievous understatement. The purple, slate crag was exposed on a shoulder of a gigantic mountainous bowl, 1,000 metres above the plains below. Below us, dirt tracks snaked across dry riverbeds and small rocky outcrops appeared lunar and minuscule against a backdrop of 2,000-metre peaks. The call to prayer rang like a testament to the majesty of it all.
Jakob pitched off the crux of his route and swore his bad beta: “Agh, I should just do that!
a: Every story has a beginning, and this one is no different. On his extended tour of South America, slackliner Lukas Irmler hung his lines higher and more spectacularly than ever before. We got to the roots of this trip. From b to z. Because a was at the beginning.
b:razil 192 million inhabitants, the world’s fifth-largest country. Home of carnival, the rainforest, the Amazon, passion and emotion. An emerging economy, a land with many faces, a diverse and handsome society. Now a hotspot for the international slackline community. See g for more.
c:urriculum vitae CV or résumé. Some CVs focus on academic achievements. Some on records. Some on both.
Cautiously climbing into unknown near horizontal territory, tensing every muscle to stay close to the wildly overhung rock, I stretched barely reach a chalk daub... “Damn!” it was a bad sloper. I retraced my movements to my last restful stance. Jamming my knees into the rock and letting my head hang down towards the ground, like a bat in its lair. I hung like this for a long time, trying to shake the lactic acid out of my arms. I had no idea where my next piece of protection would be – there were no cracks or obvious places to put gear, just pockets in a near horizontal roof... Ah, welcome to the Grampians!
The Grampians – a low range of gum tree covered mountains, rising out of the flat plains of Victoria, Australia, littered with outcrops of bullet hard orange sandstone.
  • Barbara Zangerl, the Boulder Queen has rediscovered herself.

What do you do if you have planned a nice big project, done it, and then find out to your surprise that there are still plenty of good climbing days left in the year? Take time to chill? Not if your name is Barbara Zangerl.
Originally, completing the Alpine Trilogy was not on her list, but now she is the first woman to have repeated all the Trilogy routes. Three routes that still count as the most difficult in the Alps. Three routes that up until 1994 only four men were able to write in their diaries.
The first ascenders are particularly impressed. "The Boulder Queen has rediscovered herself," says Beat Kammerlander. Thomas Huber agrees: "Babs is one of the greatest in the Alps.
  • Bianco Ridge, Piz Bernina, Graubünden, Switzerland

High above the valley floor, appearing to float in the heavens, illuminated by a golden-pink alpine glow, elegantly curving its way towards the summit of Piz Bernina - Bianco Ridge has been created to be admired and then climbed. In other words: whoever sets eyes on the Bianco Ridge wants to get up there and do it. The challenge was doing the Bianco Ridge in winter and have one of the most awe-inspiring routes in the Alps all to ourselves - something that many dream of but only few manage to experience. And yet the strategy for the Bianco Ridge is so straightforward: go when nobody else is there. And that‘s exactly what Toni Mosshammer and David Kreiner did.

It is only in exceptional cases that you can enjoy the Bianco Ridge in solitude.
  • Living an everyday dream… Mont Blanc du Tacul – heart of the Alps.

What’s your favorite spot/location to be active The Mountains.
How do you prepare for a project/contest (info/training/nutrition)? I strategize and develop a program based on the nature of the project or competition. This usually means mixing a specific gym routine with outdoor climbing and of course eating good, whole foods. With outdoor projects, a huge part of the battle is learning the intricacies of the route/problem as quickly as possible. Time management is key.
What are your biggest accomplishments? First Ascent of The Kingdom 8C/V15 Second Ascent of The Game 8C/V15 First Ascent of Heritage 8B+/V14 2-Time US Sport Climbing National Champion.
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